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Reiki Lessons, Reiki Lessons Online,Why You Should “NOT” Take Your Reiki Lessons or Classes On-Line

Updated: Apr 30

Frustation  in trying to learn Reiki online
Frustation in trying to learn Reiki online

Reiki Lessons, Reiki Lessons online, Reiki Classes. Recently all kinds of online instruction has sprung up that is quite concerning to those of us who are committed to teaching Reiki as it was intended by the father of Reiki, Mikao Usui and not just cranking out a product without regard for the student and the beautiful energy of Reiki. I will go over many important reasons you may want to reconsider if you are serious about your training and wish to be attuned to Reiki.

Let’s first talk about the most important part of the training which is an attunement. An attunement is a very sacred ceremony where the Reiki Master will transfer Reiki ability to the student by placing their hands directly on the student in different but comfortable ways. This must be done one student at a time and in person. This is usually a very profound spiritual experience for my students moving some of them to tears of joy. During this process, their meridians are widened so that they can channel Reiki energy more powerfully and they also receive a deep spiritual cleansing. The overall frequency of the student is heightened and it is important to note that the attunement is set for the life of the student and lays the path for spiritual enlightenment. It is equally important to mention that the room where the attunement is done has been cleansed, blessed, and prepared by the Reiki Master before the attunement for the best results. Another important reason for the student to be there.

Mikao Usui, the father of Reiki was very clear on how an attunement was to be done and it was never by distance or remotely. The assumption of online instructors is that since a healing can be done by distance and Mikao Usui taught this too, so can an attunement. Nothing could be farther from the truth! An attunement and a healing are two very different things. Yes, Mikao Usui taught distance healing but that does not require the Reiki practitioner to place their hands upon the subject to be effective. However, an attunement absolutely does! Usui’s instruction on how an attunement is done is very specific and must be performed by a Reiki Master exactly as he taught it to be effective.

Now you need to understand healing in general. Everyone is born with an innate ability to heal to some degree. Even without prior instruction or an attunement. If you try, you will be able to affect some healing simply by virtue of your own intent and energy. That’s what some online teachers are counting on. They know by you believing you’ve gotten an attunement that you’ll probably try harder and effect some level of healing after the so-called attunement. It’s more of an encouragement than an attunement. This is why so many are fooled. Still, a good percentage of people sense there is something wrong with this. As I explained in the second paragraph, a true, in-person attunement does so much more.

So why do some Reiki teachers offer online attunements? For many, it's the money, plain and simple or some are just miss informed or didn’t get the proper training themselves. You can defiantly process more people in a shorter amount of time with little investment of time, offer it for less money and make more money. Not all of them but for many it is just a numbers game, a factory production, the fast-food approach to Reiki. It’s not personal and that’s what most of mainstream society does. They make things into a product and that product becomes a mere shadow of its former self or what it was intended to be and loses all its beauty and truth along the way. Cutting corners to make more money and save time. The student thinks he got a deal and is none the wiser to the power of a real in-person attunement and what they are missing.

In contrast, my Reiki in-person workshops are small intimate groups of no more than 10. In that way, I can be attentive to the personal needs of each student and get to know them in a way that cannot be done online and vise-versa, they also get to know me. Each of my students is presented with a professionally prepared manual in which we review all the information together with plenty of time for questions. The attunement which follows is a sacred ceremony and is very personal and profound for my students. After the attunement, I make time for them to practice their new talents on each other which is my favorite part and another thing that can’t be done online. It’s really such a thrill to see the wonder on their faces as they feel the Reiki come through their hands for the very first time. I’m there to guide them and give them the support and confidence they need to give Reiki. I also help them to avoid common mistakes, such as picking up negative energy from the subject along with many other things they should avoid. This initial practice, feedback, experience, and hands-on guidance is crucial to the development of my students and is a part of every Reiki workshop I teach. However, I don’t leave my students hanging after the workshops. Because some wish to continue practicing with other students after the workshops, I created “Reiki Open Practice” where students of all levels can come to practice under my guidance once a month. We not only practice Reiki but I’ve incorporated meditation and intuitive expanding exercises as well into these classes. We have a great deal of fun and the size is small also.

It is my hope that those of you, who are really serious about learning Reiki, take it from Reiki Master Teachers that do in-person attunements as intended by the founder of Reiki. There are a few of us out there, I’ve trained many of them and they are worth finding. You’ll know then that Reiki Master truly cares about Reiki and about how they pass on this beautiful energy. I would also recommend finding a Reiki Master Teacher that practices Reiki and sees clients on a regular basis as well as teaching it. Then you know they have the practical experience to guide your learning and not just book knowledge, you could do that yourself.

If you’re just interested in general information about Reiki and not too much about being attuned, then on-line is a nice cheap option but if that’s the case you could just buy a few books on the subject or just read about it on-line. That’s even cheaper!


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