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Fertility & Pregnancy


Reiki provides emotional as well as physical support and balance to the mother.


Reiki creates a balanced, loving and harmonious bond between the mother and the child.




Reiki practiced in the early days of the pregnancy helps reduce exhaustion and nausea.

Reiki reduces anxiety, sleep problems, colic, and enhances motor activity and active sleep.

Reiki restores balance and health to the pregnant mother and child.



Reiki used during labor stages has been shown to help control and lessen pain, making delivery easier.

After the baby is born, it can be a stressful time for the baby. When Reiki is used in the delivery room it makes an easier transition for the baby.


Reiki also helps to release the fears related to pregnancy and delivery. It soothes a woman who can feel invaded and impatient to give birth.


Reiki has the power to make a baby wiggle with pleasure in the womb, and also has a calming effect on both the mother and the child.


Reiki eases every stage of pregnancy, physically and emotionally, making the journey into motherhood more joyous and memorable.

10 Reasons Why Reiki Could Be the Best Thing for Your Pregnancy

Reiki Earth Mother / Newborn Joy

Reiki for Pregnancy and Fertility

The effects of Reiki given during pregnancy have been studied and documented and found to be helpful by Physicians. 

One of these studies was done at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. They found that Reiki given during pregnancy, reduced anxiety by 94%, reduced nausea by 80% reduced pain by 78% and improved sleep by 86%.

Reiki Earth Mother / Pregnacy & FertilityHealing

Deep relaxation, reduced stress, easier labor - find out why every pregnant Mom should be booking in for some Reiki.

Pregnant women and their unborn babies both can benefit from Reiki's gentle and balancing energies. The most beneficial component of using Reiki during pregnancy is that it is safe. Reiki does no harm, only good. Plus, it does not interfere with any other treatments. This makes Reiki a great choice for helping to comfort a pregnant woman.

Expectant mothers have always been advised to enjoy their pregnancy, but common health issues often mar this experience. Unlike prescription medications, Reiki goes beyond just physical support to provide emotional help and bring a deep sense of calm and positivity to both mother and unborn child.

Fertility and Conception: Reiki to the Rescue

What can Reiki do?  To begin with, Reiki creates balance in the mind, body and spirit of potential mom’s.

It is fundamental that through Reiki, the body reaches this state of balance allowing it to self-heal.  As soon as this balance is achieved, Reiki supports the growth of follicles and development of healthy eggs, the fertilization of eggs and assisting the embryo to implant in the uterine lining.

Reiki Earth Mother / Reiki can heal your struggling newborn by delivering fresh new life force energy
  1. Reiki clears blockages in our human energy field that cause imbalances in the way our body operates.

  2. Clearing these blockages allows for the healthy development of follicles, healthy eggs and their fertilization and allowing the embryo to attach to the uterus.

  3. It can be safely used in conjunction with charting, IVF, IUI, and other methods to help ensure a successful result.

  4. Reiki also provides emotional and mental balance, helping the client to align with the process of fertility in a more positive way. Let’s face it, if you’re having problems conceiving it can take you to a stressful and sometimes negative place that is not conducive to the maternal process.

  5. When pregnancy is achieved, continuing Reiki throughout your maternity can ensure a healthier pregnancy by keeping you and your baby’s energy balanced and at the same time increasing your bond with your baby, along with many more benefits.

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