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I would like to make this review direct and to the point.  Katherine is a Reiki Master indeed!  I have chronic shoulder pain from pushing myself on my wheelchair for over 11 years now.  I was referred to Katherine for Reiki work on my left shoulder by my dear colleague and friend, Dr. Bartz.  I experienced dramatic results right after the first session with her.  The pain was down to the lowest level in months, and my range of motion also improved significantly!  After subsequent sessions, and at the time of this review, I am at the lowest pain level and maintain improved mobility throughout  my busy day.  The Reiki technique that Katherine uses, is unique and effective.  Without reservations, I can attest to the effective results that I have obtained from Reiki Master, Katherine.  She is a true healer, armed with some of the most powerful tools available in holistic care.  She is amazing!

— Dr. Boris Del Cid

My background in medicine spans over 30 years and is based in hard sciences, so the concept of “Reiki” seemed rather fringe and suspect to me at first. Then I began to study this concept, I came to realize that this system is actually based on modern day application of quantum physics, meaning that all life is based on energy substrates. Reiki to my understanding is based on manipulating these energy fields in a manner somewhat similar to how I manipulate the joints to affect the neurological system.


My skepticism was thoroughly addressed when out of desperation and suffering for several years with debilitating back pain, I sought the treatment of Reiki by Katherine McBride. I have to say I’m rather amazed that in only 3 sessions I experienced a 80% (at least) improvement in symptoms.


Now, due to my own positive results, I refer my patients to her for therapy. She is now available to see and schedule appointments through my office and the feed-back I have received from these patients has been overwhelmingly positive. 

— Dr. Steven Bartz

I used Reiki to prepare for sports tournaments and to recover after the tournament.  I also used it after a surgery.  In both cases my recovery was speedy and I was able to get back to normal activity quickly.  Kathrine did a great job, an is my go-to person for health issues.

— Mario B.

I came to Katherine a few months ago due to injuries from running and mobility issues. I felt changes after just one session of Reiki and kept feeling better and better, especially after she told me which blockages to focus on. This is a new healing modality for me but one that I'll embrace again as injuries or illness surface.

— Mark M.

I had never done Reiki before but always found it very interested. I have been having some hormonal issues lately and she was able to identify them! I felt very relaxed afterwards and am looking forward to continuing sessions / making progress.

— Samantha Y.

My wife and I were heading for divorce court. We tried everything and spent hundreds of dollars on counselors and marriage therapist. Katherine has the magic touch in her coaching skills. We couldn't be happier!

— John W.

Katherine has been my teacher from the start of my Reiki journey. I went to her for a few sessions and immediately felt the positive benefits on a physical and emotional level. I knew this was something I needed to learn for myself, so I started my classes soon after. She is an amazing teacher, her energy is fun and inviting and the classes are small and personal. Her knowledge and passion for sharing the teachings of reiki is palpable. My life has changed for the better since working and learning from her. I'm now at the Reiki III level and I look forward to taking my Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki class with her in the future!

— Lauren M.

Katherine was an amazing instructor, so much great energy, learned a lot, she was very supportive and knowledgeable on the practice and very encouraging. I highly recommend this course with her for anyone that wants to become Reiki Certified.

— Jonathan D.

My daughter and I both took the reiki 1 class/attunement last Saturday. The group was small, which allows for more attention and communication. Katherine also called me before the class to discuss the process and answer my questions. We enjoyed it and look forward to taking the reiki 2 later in February. Thanks Katherine!

— Susan H.

I’ve always been interested in alternative healing and took Reiki I years ago.  The class was not very detailed and I received very little written material to refer to but at least I was attuned.  I always wanted to proceed to Reiki II but I didn't feel comfortable with the instruction out there and my previous teacher was no longer offering it. 

It was funny because I'd been seeing Katherine McBride for my depression and anxiety for about 6 months.  In this time she has helped me more than I thought possible.  I feel so much better.  She's done more for me than any of the pills I was taking or other therapies I've tried. It didn't happen overnight but with every session, I began to feel better and better. It was like a cloud lifting. Now I just see her periodically for maintenance.  She's great and I strongly recommend her!   What I didn't realize was that she is also a Reiki teacher.  When I learned that, I was so excited and immediately signed up for Reiki II and I'm so glad I did.  

Her classes are detailed and interesting.  I received a manual to take home and refer to and hands on training on how to perform several Reiki techniques!  The attunement was amazing and I got my Reiki II certificate after it. Not only that but her prices are more than reasonable for what you get. 

Whether it's Life Coaching, healing or Reiki instruction, you can't go wrong with Katherine!

— Shane J.

The Reiki 1 training was very good. Katherine walked us through the concepts in a very comprehensive manner. After reviewing all concepts we were actually able to practice what we learned and watch others. It allowed us to develop our own methodology for how we work with people. I'm looking forward to Reiki Earth Mother's next training class.

— Gloria C.

If you've not been to see Kathrine-you are missing a wonderful experience. My first time-just thinking I should have done this 20 yrs ago. She's great! Call her today!!!

— Missy W.

I have had a couple of Reiki sessions with Katherine / Reiki Earth Mother and found them to be healing and very positive in a real way. She relieved chronic pain in my knee and quite unexpectedly emotional pain I had been carrying around regarding my kids back east. If you are open and willing for energy healing and want to operate at a higher level - then go see Katherine!

— Roz B.

I've been fortunate to have multiple sessions with Miss McBride.  My symptoms included chest discomfort, difficulty breathing and back shoulder blade pain. The results have been incredible, as I noticed an improvement after each session. I highly recommend her treatment. Katherine is very knowledgeable in the field of Reiki, is punctual with a high level of integrity.

I can be contacted by email:

— Paul K.

Katherine is a terrific Life Coach! I've seen her just a few times now and I can't believe how far I've come. She's warm and encouraging and has made the process seem almost effortless.

— Lauren H.

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