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Meet Katherine McBride, C.P.C.

Usui / Tibetan Reiki Master / Teacher and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Life Coach

Years ago, before I had even heard about Reiki or knew what it was, I was really at a crossroads in my life. I had just had a serious breakup with my fiance along with an equally disastrous falling out with my family.  I felt cast a drift without any real direction. I had a decent job as an Executive Assistant but it didn't really feed my soul.  It was simply just a means to an end.  I began to look for healthy ways to feed that empty feeling, searching for what was missing. One day, a few months later I found myself in a class lecture where Reiki classes were being offered. Now, I had never considered myself a healer or had even thought about it, but I have always enjoyed helping others so when I heard about

Katherine McBride - Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master -Teacher / Karuna Master - Teacher / Certified Life Coach

Reiki, I was intrigued and strangely drawn to it. So I decided to take the Reiki I class out of interest and curiosity and I have to admit, also with a healthy dose of skepticism. Well, after that I was HOOKED! After my attunement to Reiki I, I could actually feel my hands tingling with Reiki energy.  This was a real thing! I couldn't wait to get my Reiki Master Certification in both Reiki and Karuna Reiki (Which is considered to be a more powerful form of Reiki) I've never been one to do things half way. However, to do so was quite expensive and not within my means at the time but the call or drive to do it was so strong! I finally asked God for guidance, "If this is a whim or fancy of mine, please take it away but if this is my calling, please help me to find the means." Two days later, a friend of mine came out of the blue and paid for all my training in full without me asking for a penny. I took this as an answer and went forward with the classes and never looked back.

I finished my training as fast as I could.  I had no idea what I would do with this amazing ability but I was compelled to do it. Somehow, I knew I would be guided and that's exactly what happened.  After I had completed all my certifications, I worked for free for a period of time to build up my talents and confidence in my abilities in this amazing healing art. I had and to this day, continue to have many magical experiences while practicing Reiki. Some would even call them miracles. When the time was right, doors seemed to just open for me and continue to do so. The right people came to help me to the next step or just seemed to appear.  I never thought I would be a teacher but here I am teaching Reiki to others, which is a great honor and joy for me. The rest is history but it has been an amazing, joyous and rewarding journey and the changes Reiki has made in my life and continues to make have been tremendous.  I strongly recommend it to others.​

Since that day I have been devoted to improving the lives of others and have continued to grow, improve and add to my skills and training. For some, Reiki is not an option so I also provide Life Coaching to my clients. As your Life Coach, I will partner with you on a journey of discovery, self-exploration, accountability and follow through. My job as your Life Coach is to help you discover, create a plan and reach certain goals in your life.  I will help you discover the strength within yourself and the beliefs or issues that are blocking you from moving forward in achieving your goals. Life Coaching can very effectively be coupled with Reiki for even faster results. Please see the "Life Coaching" tab at the top of the page.

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