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Manifesting Using Crystals and Grids

Updated: Apr 30

I have been using and teaching about manifesting using crystals and grids for years now and it never ceases to amaze me what a fascinating and powerful tool they are. When used properly and in the right combination, they can attract just about anything you desire, love, money, peace, and healing. They can also add protection from negative energies.

You can grid your home or office to attract love or money and at the same time deflect negative energies. The crystals you choose will determine and carry your intention and marry it with the frequency of that particular crystal creating an energetic attraction or creating a repelling frequency, depending on what you're going for.

Crystal Grid
Crystal Grid
It is important that you choose the right crystals and in the right combination and placement. Otherwise, you just have a pretty collection of stones but no real action going on.

Grids, on the other hand, create a vortex that can attract and deflect as well and there are many types of grids. Just as with crystals, it is important to choose the right grid for what you are trying to do. They can also create a barrier to things you would like to keep out or deflect. I like to use both and find it very effective. Grids do need to be reset at intervals as well as the crystals. How often and how will be determined by what grid you are using and how. Without the proper attention to them, they can lose some of their original intensity.

With Love and Light,

Katherine McBride, CPC

Reiki Master / Teacher

Karuna Reiki® Master / Teacher

Certified Life Coach

Cell: 714.321.8259

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