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Reiki and Healing Addictions

Updated: Oct 13

Reiki is not a magic bullet for addictions or a replacement for traditional forms of treatment but it does ease and assist recovery, complimenting and accelerating any traditional form of recovery you are using.

Man hoping to heal addiction
Man hoping to heal addiction

The following are just a few of the variety of ways Reiki can assist in healing your addiction making recovery a much smoother transition.

  1. As a complimentary treatment, Reiki provides vital support and empowerment to the individual. Withdrawal symptoms can be hellish to go through but the discomfort and anxiety can be greatly reduced through regular intervals of Reiki.

  2. It can release overwhelming emotional turmoil, encourage self-love and assist in your journey to restoring health and balance to your life.

  3. Reiki energy speeds up recovery as it helps the body to heal itself by getting rid of toxins and making the withdrawal symptoms feel less severe.

  4. As the Reiki energy assists your body, mind, and spirit in healing itself, you begin to feel more in control, balanced, and in harmony with your recovery.

  5. Reiki treatment also helps those newly recovering, deal with anger and resentment. These particular emotions are often triggers that can lead people back into active addiction.

  6. Reiki therapy also helps to repair the psychological and physical damage that addiction causes and allows the individual to get back on a path toward a healthy lifestyle.

With Love and Light,

Katherine McBride, CPC

Reiki Master / Teacher

Karuna Reiki® Master / Teacher

Certified Life Coach

Cell: 714.321.8259



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